Using the Shell

When one boots BoneOS, they get a shell:

BoneOS Shell

This shell is the main way of performing different tasks using BoneOS.

In this page, I am going to cover few important things while using the terminal. One may also want to see:

  • The docs for the commands in BoneOS
  • The shortcut keys in the terminal

Left and Right Arrow keys

The shell provides support of the left and right arrow keys. This means if you make a mistake while typing a command, you can easily edit the command using the left and right arrow keys.

The TAB key

The TAB key offers the auto-complete option so that you don't have to type long commands everytime.

Time and Date

One can check the current UTC time by using the date command.

Using multiple shell instances

One can open many shell instances using the boneshell command, and exit them using the exit command.

Poweroff and Reboot

One can shutdown BoneOS by using the poweroff command, and reboot the system using the reboot command.