Changing the Architecture

BoneOS currently supports a bunch of architectures. You can change the architecture before compiling the Operating System.

To change the architecture we need to use the configure script. First, let's change its mode:

chmod +x configure

Now, let's change the architecture:

./configure --arch=<your architecture>

and replace your specified architecture in the specified place.

You can currently type in these 32 bit architectures

  • x86 (default)
  • i386
  • amd32
  • 80386

and these 64 bit architectures

  • amd64
  • x86_64
  • x86-64
  • x64
  • emt64

Though note that some of the architecture have bugs and/or have not bee completed, so it is the best to use the 32 bit x86 architecture which is completely finished and the default.